Ewa Emergency Preparedness Committee
The Ewa Emergency Preparedness Committee (Ewa EPC) is made up of local volunteers donating their time to work with the community to better prepare for an "All Hazard Event" (i.e. natural disasters such as hurricanes or man-made disasters such as terrorist attacks).
The Ewa Emergency Preparedness Committee was formed shortly after March 2011 when Ewa residents experienced two unexpected events. The first event was the severe windstorm that swept across the Ewa Plains pulling down utility poles and power lines plus a number of trees over Ft. Weaver Road, Old Ft. Weaver Road, and Fort Barrett Road. This caused over 1,700 Ewa residents to be without power for several days.
The second event was the tsunami scare, caused by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Tohuku, Japan which alerted Ewa residents living near the shoreline to move to higher ground. Both events happened within the same month making Ewa residents aware that they needed to take action to help their community in preparing for future events.
During a Town Hall meeting called by Representative Kymberly Pine, residents voiced concerns resulting from these events. It was apparent that the Ewa community needed to do something to address the real possibility of Ewa residents being cut off and isolated for a period of time before the government could reestablish aid after an event. It also became apparent that the Ewa community has a large elderly population plus individuals with access issues and functional needs who may not be able to fend for themselves.
A handful of concerned and dedicated Ewa residents from various neighborhoods stepped up to volunteer their time to help their community effectively prepare for disaster, to better learn how to survive a disaster, and to fully recover from a disaster. The group meets regularly around Ewa and is always looking for volunteers to help them in their efforts.


To establish procedures for the community of Ewa Beach that are designed to organize, assist, educate, support, and train residents on how to prepare for, respond to, and assist in the recovery of an "All Hazards Event."

To make Ewa Beach a storm-ready & tsunami-ready community
To educate and organize our community to be better prepared to respond to and recover from disasters
To procure resources to aid in response and recovery for our community

Made Ewa a storm-ready & tsunami-ready community.

At our Get Ready Ewa Beach Emergency Preparedness meetings we've provided
information, training, and items to assist in preparedness.